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Turner Miniatures is now on Tribes! FPW figures, and a huge welcome pack are up for grabs

Hi folks!

I know it's not often that I post here on the site. Hopefully those of you who wish to follow my work closely do so via our Discord and the Facebook Discussion Group.

But I'd like to share some news with you, as well as an exclusive promotion. This week Turner Miniatures launched a new Tribe on MyMiniFactory. A Tribe is a subscription service, which offers access to exclusive STLs and deals.

I'd like as many folks to try it as possible, which is why I am going to be offering a free trial to everyone who's signed up to the mailing list here on the site.

Tomorrow evening everyone who's signed up will receive a redemption email from MyMiniFactory allowing them to sign up for the trial. Payment information will be taken, but you should be able to cancel your billing immediately. I will also send out notifications, via the Tribe, when we're nearing next month's billing cycle so you can evaluate whether you want to stick around!

As for information on the Tribe:

Every month I'll release both figure sets and ships, allowing you to create formidable armies and fleets over time.

What you get:

-Two Figure sets every month, with a third being available as a 2-month loyalty reward and two more as stretch goals (up to five total!)

-A 1:700/1:1200 Monthly Ship model, with another available as a stretch goal

-A 30% discount voucher, with 50% vouchers being available as a stretch goal. A 50% loyalty voucher is also available for my Mini Range Blender files if you've signed on for 3 months or more

-A Welcome Pack with sample sets from most of my ranges, with a collective value of more than $200!

-Tribers can subscribe to the Commercial Licensee tier to gain rights to sell 3D prints of my products, in addition to all the other benefits.

Be sure to check the stretch and loyalty rewards!

February 2024 Release

Included in the Tribe this month!

  • A HUGE welcome pack including a free set from almost every Turner range.

  • 6-15mm Prussian FPW Infantry

  • 6-15mm Prussian FPW Artillery

  • 1/700 Ottoman Ketch

Loyalty Figure Set: 6-15mm TYW/ECW Sword & Buckler Infantry & Scottish Swordsmen

Loyalty Rewards

Tribers who remain subscribed for consecutive months will unlock additional rewards. Patrons can also have their loyalty levels imported if you're making the switch!

Two Months: An extra monthly figure set (Patreon Monthly Figures)

Three Months: 50% Discount Codes for the quarterly Mini Range Blender Files (valid for the month a file is released)

Four Months (200 Triber Stretch): 50% Discount Voucher for the whole store

Six Months+ (1000 Triber Stretch): Receive one of my previous Blender exporters every month

As the Tribe grows, the rewards increase!

200 Tribers: Monthly 50% store discount voucher

500 Tribers: Additional Monthly Figure Set (4 total, if loyalty figure included)

600 Tribers: Additional Monthly Ship (2 total)

800 Tribers: Additional Monthly Figure Set (5 total)

1000 Tribers: Free Blender Files as loyalty rewards

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