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Painting Competition!

Hi there guys!

I'm very happy to announce that we're running our first contest here at Turner Miniatures!

A lack of good painted pictures of my products has been a consistent problem with my work. While I would like to paint my own display pieces, the honest truth is that any time I spend painting is time I'm not designing and, frankly, I think many of you have shown that you've far more talent in your little fingers than I could possibly muster! So to that end, I'd like to look to the community to ask for help in getting some beautiful, uniform pictures of any of our models. $5 vouchers, which can be won multiple times (there's no limit - if you submit ten images that I choose to use, you'll get ten vouchers), are up for grabs, as well as the chance to earn "affiliate painter" status and not only gain early access to Kickstarter prototypes, but also get whole Kickstarter pledges for free!

What are the prizes?

  • Every photo that I select for use as a product image earns the artist a $5 voucher, either for MyMiniFactory or Wargaming3D (your choice). There is no limit to the number of vouchers you can win

  • Willing winners will get the chance to become "Affiliate Painters" of Turner Miniatures, benefts listed below...

  • Winning images will be posted both here and on the Facebook group, with tagging and full credit given.

Affiliate Painters

Affiliate painters will be the official painters for Turner Miniatures. These lovely people will be approached with commissions to paint new or upcoming models, and not only get early/free access to upcoming Kickstarters, but also retain the ability to earn $10 vouchers even after the competition finishes.

  • Will have the chance to express their interests (e.g. by telling me they only want to paint 6mm), and will only be approached with work they'd likely be interested in

  • Can be offered early access to Kickstarters, getting access to prototype models ahead of time, and will be given full Kickstarter pledges free-of-charge if they deliver painted ranges on-time before the launch.

  • Will have their names (and any website or contact details they wish to display) listed on the "Affiliates" page of this website.

  • Will, from time to time, be messaged with opportunities for painting new models or requests for back-items to be painted and paid for their submissions.

  • Won't be penalised for refusing work - only failing to deliver work that has been agreed to is likely to lose you affiliate status.

  • Even after this contest ends, will still be paid a $10 voucher for every photo that is used on one of my online stores.

  • Our next upcoming Kickstarter will be a 10mm Cold War set for Battlegroup NORTHAG; the task of painting up these minis will be given to one lucky affiliate, as well as a free pledge should they deliver the pictures on-time!

  • If anyone winds up doing consistently well/becomes at all prolific, I'm open to discussing "proper paid work."

  • I'm also willing to advertise painting services on behalf of affiliate painters.

The Rules

Contest entries should...

  • Use a lighbox or flat textured backrop

  • Have consistent/uniform lighting among product types; if you submit multiple entries showing 1/700 ships, for example, try to have the same lighting/backdrop through the images for a more "professional" feel - high quality images that are uniform in nature are more likely to net you multiple wins!

  • Ideally only include one product per photo, exceptions may be made for photos showing related products (e.g. multiple 1/700 British ships), but one product must be more prominent than the others.

  • Feature fully-assembled and fully-painted models; remember, these are intended to be "showcase shots."

  • If in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions or leave comments below!

What do you have to do?

Simply paint up a Turner Miniatures product of your choice, abiding by the rules above, and email it to Winning entries will be chosen on the 6th of August, 2021. I will get in contact with winners directly by email and, if you're shortlisted as a potential affiliate painter, get in contact to organise that too shortly after.

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