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Painting Competition: Results!

Well today's going to be a treat! The competition has drawn to a close and eight entrants threw their hats into the ring and going through the images was a real treat. Such a treat, in fact, that despite my only choosing one entrant per product covered, everyone still managed to win a prize!

But before I get into announcing who's won what (and for what); I just want to make it clear that I'll still accept "paint bounties" going forward: If you see a product on either MMF or WG3D without a product image, and you've painted your own, feel free to email it over to and, if it passes muster, you'll still be able to get a $5 voucher per product I take images for!

As for the results, here they are: Rob Matthews - 4 vouchers; British Rifles, Zouaves, Marching 15mm Confederates, 28mm Confederate Infantry

David Houston - 2 vouchers; Pavlovsk Grenadiers, Russian Grenadiers

Kai Rush - 2 vouchers; British Infantry; Marching Union Infantry

Andy Bishop - 1 voucher; French Infantry

Lars Carlsen - 1 voucher; Floating Battery

Jonas Texas Petersson - 1 voucher; Bellona-class

Robert Dunlop - 1 voucher; British Artillery

Springfield Fatts - 1 voucher; Russian Infantry

The winners will receive their voucher codes by email shortly :)

As for the entries themselves:

Andy Bishop:

Lars Carlsen:

Robert Dunlop:

Springfield Fatts:

David Houston:

Rob Matthews:

Jonas Petersson:

Kai Rush:

I take my hat off to the winners and thank them for producing such lovely photos :) I'll get to work applying them to the products on Wargaming3D and MyMiniFactory!

As a parting note, if any of you submitted entries and haven't been referenced here (as I said, everyone who entered managed to win at least something!), please do get in touch and let me know.

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