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French battleship Jauréguiberry and free Felucca model released!

Hi guys!

Another Friday, another update. There's not too much interesting to report back on as I've spent so much time with my head down just working on Europe Asunder skirmishers, but over on the patreon we've had a lot of activity around the polls and a lot of new members came aboard, for which I'm very grateful!

As I write this update, it's looking like we'll be getting HMS Endymion as our age of sail ship (though this one is close-run), the French Ironclad Gloire and a French & Indian War British Infantryman squaring off against a French irregular for the figures.

I've had a lot of interest come in for the painting competition. I haven't written anyone back yet, as I'm saving my eyes for the date of my final judgements, but please do know that I'm grateful for all of the entries we've had so far!

But I suppose the big news for the day is that I've just uploaded the two ships voted for last month; an Ottoman Felucca (now uploaded as a freebie) and the French pre-dreadnought battleship Jauréguiberry. These can both be found on Wargaming3D.

For my patrons, I'm also putting out a Zulu Impi and a British Infantryman; these are already available in 15mm, but I need to get to work converting them to 6mm. That's something I hope to finish before the end of the month.

Other than that, that's it for news I'm afraid - I'll be posting more about exactly what I've been doing with the Napoleonics in a Kickstarter update, but I'm afraid it's very much been a week or rather... uninteresting work. Taking bodies/uniforms for every nation I'm covering and rigging them to the same pose armatures before cleaning said poses up to make, essentially, duplicate figures across all the nations. Hopefully it'll get more interesting once I have some pictures to share of what the actual finished figures look like.

For any of you who did back the Blender files, you can take a snoop directly at my work via the Dropbox links, as I am working from those very files that I sent links out for.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well and that you have some fantastic hobbying to get up to over the weekend! I know I'll definitely be finding time for some modelling/painting for Warmaster!

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